Who We Are

Employment Department is a State Government Department under the Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation, Government of Kerala. It is one of the world’s largest manpower database managers.

The Employment Services department has a primary objective of providing an interface between the employers and the job seekers. It sponsors the candidates of required qualification, experience and skill set for various jobs within the shortest possible time.

The department strives to achieve its objective through the process of registration, renewal, selection and advising of eligible candidates against notified vacancies. The department renders its service through a network of department entities addressing the specific needs of the targeted beneficiaries.

In addition to paid employment emphasis is now placed on self employment schemes in tune with the change in the employment market.

New Schemes are also contemplated to keep up with the changing times.



The Employment Service came into existence in India under the stress of postwar demobilization. Towards the end of the Second World War, the need for a machinery which could handle orderly reabsorption of civil life, of a large number of service personnel and war workers who were about to be released as keenly felt.

In accordance with a scheme that was agreed upon by the Central and State Governments, the Directorate General of Resettlement and Employment (D.G.R.&E) was set up in July 1945 and Employment Exchanges were gradually opened in several parts of the country.

Till the end of 1946, Employment Service facilities were restricted to demobilized service personnel and discharged war workers. In 1947, consequent upon the partition of the country, the Employment Exchanges were called upon to deal with the resettlement of a large number of persons who were displaced as a result of partition.

In response to popular demands, the scope of the service was gradually extended and by early 1948, Employment Exchanges were thrown open to all categories of applicants. Thus a resettlement agency was transformed as an all India placement agency.



Our Vision
To provide a platform of interface between stakeholders for responsive transparent and efficient employment service in order to meet skill needs of a dynamic society.

Our Mission
Provide gainful employment to all jobseekers in the State of Kerala either through paid employment or self employment and to provide vocational/educational guidance and other service to the utmost satisfaction of the stake holders.

Our Stakeholders

  • Job Seekers
  • Employers
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Department
  • Government

Based on the recommendations of the Training and Employment Services Organization Committee, headed by Sri: Shiva Rao, the daytoday administration of the organization was handed over to the State Governments with effect from 1st November 1956.

The Employment Service is now the joint concern of the Central and State Governments. The administrative control of the department is by the State Government.

To ensure the uniformity in the functioning of the Employment Exchanges all over India, the policies and procedure to be adopted in the functional activities of the Employment Exchanges are prescribed at the national level by the Director General of Employment & Training, New Delhi.

The department is called National Employment Service (Kerala) in this State.


Employment Exchanges started in the Country
Employment Exchanges thrown open to all categories
The administration handed over to State Governments
Unemployment allowance scheme started
Self Employment Scheme started – KESRU
Multipurpose Service Centres / Job Club Self Employment Schemes started.
SARANYA – A Self Employment Scheme for the destitute women.

Centres started
Career Development Centres started. 

KAIVALYA – Rehabilitation Scheme for the Differently Abled candidates started.

Services through Employment Department have been made online via online portal “eemployment.kerala.gov.in”.  Model Career Centre launched at Thiruvananthapuram University Employment Information & Guidance Bureau.
First Tribal Employment Exchange and Career development centre in India started functioning at Palode. 
Dhanus – A comprehensive training scheme for under graduates in Kerala, which aims to equip students for getting admission in various courses.
Navajeevan – Self employment Scheme for senior citizens.
Samanwaya – A comprehensive training programme for SC/ST.