The Employment Services Department has a primary objective of providing an interface between the employers and the job seekers in that it sponsors the candidates of required qualification, experience and skill set for various jobs within the shortest possible time. The department strives to achieve its objective through the process of registration, renewal, selection and sponsoring of eligible candidates against notified vacancies.

The whole process involved through which the employers acceptance of a person in to a remunerative job is called placement service. Sometimes it may be training/apprenticeship with the object of their becoming paid employees on completion of their training/apprenticeship.

Selection through Employment Service is conducted to the

  • Temporary vacancies coming under the purview of Kerala Public Service Commission in the State Government Sector, Quasi State Government Sector and Local Body Sector,
  • Vacancies which do not come under the purview of the KPSC.
  • Part Time Contingent posts in the public sector
  • Temporary and permanent vacancies in the Central Government Sector, Quasi Central Government Sector, Cooperative Sector and Private Sector
  • Vacancies notified from the Private Sector

    When vacancies are notified to the Employment Exchanges, selection is done according to criteria like Employment Registration Seniority, Communal Reservation Rules, Age, Priority, Qualification, Experience, Physical fitness etc. List of senior most candidates, among those who registered the required qualification and considering all those above criteria, normally limited to 9 numbers per vacancy, is forwarded to the Employer.

Suitable candidate is being selected from this list by the Employer himself, on the basis of written test or interview or both.

Submissions are made from select lists prepared every three years. Registrants of Employment Exchanges are being considered for selection observing communal rotation roster. All the nominations given by the Employment Exchanges observe communal reservation.

The points (turns) of the roster are divided in to Priority and Non Priority groups. 50% of the vacancies are reserved for Priority turns.

Priority group is as follows:

Those who served the Central / State Government/ Quasi Government institutions for a period of not less than 90 days and discharged from service for no fault of their own provided the appointment was made through the Employment Exchanges.

  • Ex-service Persons
  • Physically handicapped with disabilities of 40% or above.
  • Wives of deceased persons (Widows)
  • Legally divorced ladies,
  • Inter caste married couples one partner of which should belong to Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe and Their children.
  • Wife of serving soldier possessing teachers training Certificate for teaching post only.
  • Inmates / Ex inmates of Abala Mandir, After Care Homes, Orphanages, rescue homes run by Government or receiving grant from Government.
  • Sports Person ( National/Inter National/ Inter University-National or Zonal level/
  • Represent Sate in All India School Games/ South Zone School Games-Team event/ University Winner-with in state 1st or 2nd/ All India School Games winner 1st or 2nd representing school)
  • Repatriate of Sri Lanka / Burma.
  • Unmarried women above 35 years.
  • Medically boarded out trainees from military.
  • Dependent of severely disabled or killed jawan during war or peace.
  • Ex-personnel of Territorial Army having service over six months.
  • Ex-Airman of the Auxiliary Air Force having service over six months.
  • Ex-Assam Rifle personnel
  • Ex- GREF personnel
  • Unmarried mother above 18 years of age who belongs to Scheduled Tribe category.
  • Victims of Endosulphan.


State Employment Co-ordination unit functioning in the Directorate of Employment handles the

  • Outside State Vacancies
  • Vacancies numbering 50 or more
  • Vacancies which an improbable to be filled up through Employment Exchange
  • Vacancies where the place of work or number of vacancies in each district is not defined.

    These vacancies are circulated to all Employment Exchanges in the State and the lists are consolidated and sent to the employer.
    This unit also co-ordinates the placement work of all Employment Exchange in the State.