Vocational Guidance means assistance given to an individual in solving problems related to vocational planning and to occupational choice and profess with due regard for the individual’s characteristics and their relation to occupational opportunities.

Guidance is beneficial for the individual as well as to the society. It helps an individual by providing assistance in solving problems relating to choice of career, occupational change and adjustments. From the standpoint of the society, it is one of the means of achieving proper utilization of manpower. Indirectly, it helps in raising productivity and in minimizing unemployment/under-employment.

Vocational Guidance is an aspect of guidance, having focus on the problems relating to vocational life. Guidance services are, therefore, a constellation of services concerned with educational, vocational, personal, social or health aspects; such labelling has been done for practical considerations.


Vocational Guidance Programme is integrated with the placement functions as a whole.

Specific objectives of Vocational Guidance in the Employment Service are:-

i) to suggest measures with a view to enhancing the employability of an individual or groups of individuals;

ii) to offer assistance to an individual or groups of individuals in preparing to choose, change and adjust to occupational life;

iii) to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals and match them with the job requirements ;

iv) to generate awareness and appreciation of the realities of employment market in the community;

v) to collaborate or co-operate with other agencies in the field of guidance to stimulate and promote joint efforts; and

vi) to promote self-employment

State Vocational Guidance Unit

The State Vocational Guidance Unit coordinates the services of Vocational Guidance units in the 14 District Employment Exchanges and 7 University Employment Information & Guidance Bureaus.

Location & Address

Employment Directorate Thozhil Bhavan, Sixth Floor,
Vikas Bhavan P.O, Thiruvananthapuram – 695 033
Phone: 0471-2301389
E-mail: deker.emp.lbr@kerala.gov.in

Infrastructure in VG Units

  • Laptop computer
  • LCD Projector
  • Broad band internet connectivity
  • Career Library
  • Career pamphlets etc


  • Career Guidance
  • Career Class/Seminars
  • Career Exhibition
  • Career Library
  • Coaching Class
  • Education Guidance
  • Career Publication
  • Field Activities
  • Job Fest

Vocational Guidance Unit is functioning in each District Employment Exchange for collection and dissemination of occupational information. They give proper guidance to job seekers and students. It also conducts Vocational Guidance classes in Schools, Colleges, ITIs, Orphanages, and Polytechnics and for all the institutes/libraries who need their services.

University Employment Information and Guidance Bureaus have been set up at University level, to impart career guidance and occupational information to the candidates. Collection and dissemination of occupational information on job opportunities, educational training facilities, scholarship and fellowship are major functions of University Employment Information and Guidance Bureau.

UEI&GBs also conducts seminars on personality Development, Job Fest etc in colleges. UEI&GBs also impart exhaustive coaching classes for Bank Recruitment Examinations, UGC/CSIR Exam for JRF/Lectureship, Civil Service Examination etc, etc. They also give practical training on mock interview and Group Discussion. Deputy Chief of this Bureau frequently visits educational institutions to deliver vocational guidance classes.

Another function of the Guidance Bureau is to conduct career seminars in colleges to create awareness among the students on career opportunities and skill developments. Seminars would focus mainly on career trends in India, career opportunities in India and abroad, opportunities for higher studies, techniques on facing the interview and on personality development. Eminent resource persons would be invited for the purpose.

Free Coaching Classes for all the categories are conducted by various Exchanges including the Vocational Guidance units all over Kerala utilizing the cooperation and sponsorship from the private sector