Rehabilitation Scheme for the Differently Abled candidates since 2016. The department has framed this new scheme which articulates a holistic framework for achieving the goals of social inclusion and equality of opportunity for all citizens with disabilities.The scheme comprises of four components

  • Vocational and Career Guidance
  • Capacity Building
  • Coaching classes for Competitive Examinations.
  • Interest free Loan for Self Employment Ventures.

I) Vocational and Career Guidance

Through this component, career guidance classes, motivation, information regarding career opportunities and information regarding services and benefits for physically challenged are imparted to homogeneous group of candidates selected from the registrants of Employment Exchanges. The above services will also be given in co-operation with services of Special Schools, Non-Governmental Organizations and other institutions for physically challenged candidates.

II) Capacity Building

This programme intends to empower the candidates to face the challenges in the path of competition for a suitable career and to reach their goal. This also includes soft skill training to make them employable. Training is also given to develop entrepreneurship among the candidates for Self Employment ventures.

III) Training for Competitive Examinations

This programme includes training for Competitive Examinations for job opportunities notified by Government, quasi government and public undertakings. This is conceived as a continuing training programme from the start, ie, from the stage of applying for the vacancies up to placement stage. They are given a helping hand for applying for examinations, then training for competition and finally for placement. Refresher courses are also offered before two or three days of the competitive examinations.

IV) Self Employment Ventures

(1) Eligibility

  • The candidates should be registrants of Employment Exchange.
  • Age – Between 21 and 55
  • Annual Family income should not exceed two lakhs.
  • Candidates should be able to read and write.
  • In cases where the candidates are not able to look after themselves their Father/mother/son/daughter/husband/wife are allowed to for avail the Self Employment loans.
  • Candidates who avail Self Employment loans are excluded from Unemployment Assistance Scheme.
  • These beneficiaries are also eligible for nomination for regular vacancies through Employment Exchanges.
  • Candidates can avail Self Employment loans for joint ventures also.
  • Each individual is given a maximum of Rs.50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand only). Also there is provision for sanctioning the amount upto one lakh, subject to viability of the project.
  • 50% of the loan amount is given as subsidy.

There is no interest charged for the amount sanctioned.
The application form can be obtained from the Employment Exchanges. It can also be downloaded from this website.


  • An Employment Rehabilitation Programme for the Differentially abled persons
  • The scheme started in the year 2016
  • The scheme comprises of four components; Vocational and career Guidance, Capacity Building, Coaching classes for Competitive Exams, Interest free Loan for Self Employment Ventures
  • Age limit should be between 21 and 55
  • These beneficiaries are also eligible for nomination of regular vacancies through Employment Exchanges